January 25

5 patients were treated. Completing 1346 treated patients by PAE.

Dr. Walter Junior Boim, Intervention radiologist was learning the technique throughout the month of January.

Email received from Dr .:

I am Dr. Walter Jr. Boim de Araujo would like to thank Prof. Dr. Martins Pisco and the entire Interventional Radiology team of the Saint Louis Hospital in Lisbon; Prof. Dr. Tiago Bilhim, Dr. Nuno Costa, Dr. Nelson and Dr. Joana; as well as the technicians of Radiology Abel and Sandra and the Nurses Vitor and Lucia and other members of the support team to the procedures. That during my Fellowship in this institution in the month of January 2018 I had the opportunity to follow and participate in various procedures and always transmitted me much knowledge of excellence as well as were very attentive and friendly.

I will miss you and return with a sense of accomplishment and having made many friends.

Hug to everyone

Dr. Walter Jr. Boim de Araujo

Angiorradiology and Endovascular Surgery

Curitiba - PR - Brazil