July 21, 2011

Six patients with BPH were treated by embolization, completing a total of 115 patients already treated with clinical success in 90%. Four of the patients went home late in the afternnon and all of them could urinate much better with good urinary flow. The other 2 patients stayed in the Hospital because they are foreigners. James La-Giglia from Hong Kong. He is 48 years old, a prostate 120 grams, with a tube placed in the bladder trough the abdomen for urine drainage, for 4 months. He did not want to be operated because of the risks of surgery and he stil wants to have children.

The other in Enrique Aguirrezabala, president of the European Economic Counseul who had several urinary retantions with bladder catheter during the last 4 years.

Four italian doctors were present to learn the procedure.


The four Italian Doctor’s.
From left to right Drs. Cesare Massa Salvzzo, Grosso Maurizio, Professor Martins Pisco, Drs. Lorenzo Paolo Moramarco and Fabio Melchiorre.


The next day after the intervention.
From left to right, Enrique Agirrezabala, Professor Martins Pisco and James La-Giglia.


Enrique Aguirrezabala the next day after intervention and after 30 minutes swimming in the hotel pool.