November 23

November 23

7 patients were treated, 3 from aboard, 2 from Canada and one from Angola.  Completing 1315 treated patients.

The patients from Canada were brothers and they were sent by Dr. Hagek, urologist from Toronto, who told them that our team at St. Louis Hospital is the best in the world doing Prostatic Artery Embolization (PAE), and that nobody else could treat them better than we do.

The email that  2 brothers send to us :

Hello .Attention Dr Martins Pisco.

Dear Sir , my name is Arie goldenberg  my Brother name is Shaul Goldenberg we are interested to book an Appointment with you to do the prostate Artery Embolization procedure, we both suffer from an enlarge prostate mine is about 70cc and Shaul is about 100cc. attached are the questionnaires filled out  with more information about our condition ,you were highly recommended by  our urologist Dr Hagek from Toronto, he said that  you are the best in the world doing this we looked at your web site read some of the reviews and were impressed.  ,so we want to book the appointment as soon as possible.we are ready to come on a short notice .pls inform us with all the details,   my name is Arie Goldenberg I am 61 years of age, my Brother Shaul Goldenberg  is 70 years of age. we live in Toronto Ontario Canada ,      looking forward to your response  .